Vertical jigging, also known as butterfly jigging, velocity jigging, and jerk/crank jigging, is a standard Japanese fashion fishing procedure. The fishing fashion helps make the lure or jig flutter (for this reason butterfly jigging) speedily underwater like an injured fish, developing an action/reaction dependent bite alternatively of a feeding bite. This makes vertical jigging really deadly and permits you to catch almost any species of fish in all h2o columns. You can go out and catch an amberjack, a yellow bout tuna, and a barracuda all in the very same place with the very same jig!

Vertical jigging is ordinarily employed for offshore deep drinking water fishing due to the fact it is so fantastic for catching mammoth sized fish and you can strike a big range of h2o columns in one particular solid. On the other hand, there are variations of the approach that perform well in shallow waters and in fresh waters. I normally have the most accomplishment near wrecks or reefs, but hunting with a fish finder works just as properly.

The other wonderful point about vertical jigging is that the rigs are so effortless to set up in contrast to standard trolling or casting tactics. The technique is also so straightforward that you could jig in your snooze. The only authentic challenging element is reeling in the monsters that drag you close to the boat. If you hate the problem of setting up trolling rigs and constantly driving all around seeking for fish, then you have to look at vertical jigging.

The Rig Set up

The rig set up is incredibly simple, but also one particular of the most critical elements of vertical jigging. You want to accurate tools if you want the greatest fishing practical experience. You're in essence searching for electricity, overall flexibility, and energy in every single portion.

The Reel

When wanting for reels the most significant factor to glance for is the gear speed. You want a decrease speed close to four.nine:1 to 4.4:one. The reduce speed enables you to rip the jig through the deep waters with force and helps make it considerably less difficult to reel in the massive fish. Quite a few firms make reels especially for jigging, they will normally be marked. The most nicely-recognized vertical jigging businesses are Shimano and Quantum.

You also have the decision of a spinning reel or standard reel. Either fashion is wonderful just decide on what is most cozy to you. The additional well-known style is the spinning reel. If you do opt for to go typical I would advise receiving a slender reel to preserve your rig gentle and balanced.

Reels array a wonderful offer in price. Prime end is about $600+, center finish $200-$600, and entry stage is $one hundred - $200. If you want a best conclusion reel with no the price tag, search for mature styles on craigslist or eBay. Leading conclude reels will stay in fantastic condition and a good deal of retailers can repair service or recondition your reel.

The Rod

There are a couple factors when it arrives to acquiring the best vertical jigging rod, they are:

Balance - You do not want a leading or bottom weighty rod it will make jigging uncomfortable and reeling in fish significantly much more difficult.
Electricity - Your rod need to have some backbone, but have fantastic overall flexibility. A flimsy rod will make it tricky to reel in fish and a stiff rod will make it tiring to jig. If you are focusing on fifty pounders, I would lean toward the stiffer aspect.
Fat - go Gentle body weight or you are going to be tire on your own out just jigging.
Action - This is the rod's responsiveness to the bending drive and is typically defined as Gradual, Medium or Rapid. Usually, gradual suggests almost the whole rod will bend rapidly suggests only the prime of the rod will bend. For vertical jigging you want to remain with the slow to reasonable action rods in particular if you are combating much larger fish. Try out to keep away from rapidly motion rods.
Sensitivity - Make absolutely sure the tip of the rod is flexibility, or else it will be tricky to develop the right jig actions.
Size - Try out to stay among 4'8" to 5'6". Shy towards the shorter aspect if you are concentrating on huge fish.
Gram Score - The gram rating on a rod is generally the max fat for your jigs. So if a gram score is 400g, consider to stay with jigs in between 200g-400g.
PE rating - This is the suggested PE rated line you ought to use. The tough conversion is to multiply the PE by ten, so a PE8 rod can handle 80lbs. If you're hooking even larger fish and working with larger jigs staying with PE6-8 rod and lines. If you're hooking more compact continue to be all around PE3-5. Because this is kind of puzzling, some companies have moved away from it and will just inform you the suggested jig weights.

Rods can also get pretty costly, prime tier is $four hundred+, second tier $200-$400, entry stage $100-$200. I do not advocate obtaining entry stage rods if you're focusing on larger fish, you will snap them very swiftly.

The Line and Leader

When vertical jigging you Have to use BRAIDED LINE! As well several men and women go low-cost on the line and conclude up losing all the large catches. Braided line can manage a ton of ability and is super adaptable again it is a must for vertical jigging.

There are two varieties of braided line, coloured and normal. The only big difference is the coloured just one will alternate hues each 25 or so feet, it tends to make it simple to determine how deep your line is. You also want to get braided line with sufficient check to match your rod.

Charges range from $40-$one hundred. Most brand names are fairly similar I are inclined to stick with Diawa.

A ton of men and women overlook to use a leader. Tying your jig straight onto your braided line will not give you excellent final results. There are two choices for leaders, shock leaders and fluorocarbon leaders. Fluorocarbon leaders are intended to be invisible to fish, but are not value the additional cash unless you think the goal species is quite line shy. Make sure you pick chief that is great and flexible or tying knots will push you ridiculous.

Costs assortment from $20-$fifty.

The Jigs

There are a large wide variety of jigs out there, which is one particular of the good reasons this web-site was made. There are basically two sorts of jigs, Bottom or tail weighted and middle weighted jigs.

Bottom or tail weighted
jigs will sink speedier and shift in short up and down actions. These are great for concentrating on bottom fish.

Center weighted jigs
Drop considerably slower and will flutter facet to side when jigged. Fantastic for hitting more drinking water columns.

Gram Bodyweight
Jigs are categorized by gram bodyweight, typically you want to go with heaver weights the deeper the drinking water is. Stick with hefty 250-400g in one hundred fifty+ toes and one hundred-300g in inshore locations.

Well-known manufacturers are:

Easter Deal with
Jigging Grasp